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Latest: Election results in Virginia, Kentucky and Mississippi

Virginia's ninth Senate District - 2019 November General Virginia Department of Elections. Virginia's 8th Senate District - 2019 November General Virginia Department of Elections.
This was a Republican-held district that Hillary Clinton (D) won within the 2016 presidential election and the incumbent retired. Incumbent Gordon Helsel (R) gained re-election in 2017 by 13 points. Clinton carried District 91 by 4.6 points within the 2016 presidential election. This was a district where the incumbent gained lower than 55 % of the vote in the latest election. Incumbent Mark Cole (R) received re-election in 2017, receiving fifty three % of the vote and defeating his Democratic opponent by 16 points.
This was the primary time since 1996 that Virginia went for the losing candidate. Virginia was also the one state Hillary Clinton gained which was by no means carried by her husband Bill Clinton in both of his runs for president in 1992 and 1996. voters expressed their preferences for the Democratic, Republican, and Green parties' respective nominees for president. Virginia voters do not register by party.
How much is Vanna White Worth ’s Attorney Eric Olsen, a Republican, has outpaced Democratic challenger Julia Dillon. Voters are also choosing a School Board chairman again after a latest particular election.
Not positive where you vote? Visit the GIS My Neighborhood App or the Virginia Department of Elections web site. All ballots are supplied in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean languages. Shelly Simonds, who lost a “lot draw” in the 2017 race for Virginia’s House of Delegates, ousted incumbent David Yancey tonight, CNN projects.

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